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"It's always the same - quick turnaround and a good rendering"

Being able to rely on a service is the key concern for most architects and builders. With so many expensive and volatile moving parts, trust in a partner is invaluable.

Mike Ball is the President of a commercial general contractor company. Ball's client needed more than blueprints. "We needed to give the customer a visual in order to sell the product," Ball said. Ball had worked with VizSource many times before. "I've used VizSource four or five times in the past." Naturally, VizSource was Ball's first choice.

In the past, Ball has been pleased with VizSource's quality and speed of service. "It's always the same - quick turn around, and a good rendering." This time was no different. The rendering gave a lively and bright visual to represent the design. The process was direct, and painless."There weren't any problems." Ball got exactly what he needed on the time frame he needed.

As expected, the rendering won over the sale. "We sold this by having a visual, by giving the client something to look at." Ball had no doubt in his mind that VizSource would be able to deliver what was promised. "I got what I expected, and it was a good experience."


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