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"VizSource did what needed to be done to get it right."

By giving a beautiful look to a home that has yet to be built, renderings allow for unique advertisement potential. Tammy Nelson is an office manager and design consultant at a custom home builder. Her company wanted to submit a design for display in a magazine. "It's a creative home presentation," Nelson said. "The home isn't built yet, so we needed a rendering."

Nelson's company had used VizSource prior. "We wanted someone who could do a good job and would be timely. We knew VizSource was like that." Rendering work often requires precision in the colors, lighting, and angles. This project was no exception. "There was a shadow coloring in the draft that wasn't correct. I brought that to attention and it was resolved without issue." VizSource's drafting process allows for perfection in the little details that bring a rendering together. "It had the correct colors, and VizSource did what needed to be done to get it right."

The rendering was well-liked by the staff, and the company is excited to share it. "We had the rendering we need for the magazine." Nelson spoke highly of VizSource's professional approach. "It was very scheduled, and the dates worked to help know what's going on. Overall it was good, as I knew VizSource was."


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