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"VizSource gave great service. I'd definitely use again."

Charles Farkouh is the owner of a construction company. As part of a housing project, Farkouh wanted a rendering. "I am hoping we can find a buyer before it's finished," Farkouh said. Since the rendering is for marketing purposes, Farkouh valued presentation. "The biggest thing I wanted was nice workmanship."

VizSource provided both the workmanship Farkouh wanted, and a smooth customer experience. "VizSource was very responsive in answering all of my questions." This made the process much easier. Unsurprisingly, the process went off without a hitch.

The rendering gave Farkouh a useful tool. "Customers don't always understand, but with a 3D image they get it." The project is ongoing and moving forward. Farkouh is happy with his experience. "VizSource gave great service. I'd definitely use again."


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