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"You made a realistic photo out of basically nothing. It was the perfect experience."

As the Business Development Supervisor, Austin DeVincent works to manage his client's properties. DeVincent was excited for a project currently in development. "The project is the second version of an existing property. We wanted to make it bigger, better, and bolder." In order to ensure the project's success, DeVincent was given a short time to lease. "We only had aerial photos of the site," DeVincent said. "But we wanted something next level. We'd never done something like this before, and we wanted to paint an accurate picture."

This was DeVincent's first experience seeking a 3d rendering. He wanted a fair price, but also a quality rendering. "I was looking for something realistic." DeVincent was impressed by VizSource's record. "The partners you work with are legit. The big name brands trust you, and that made me more comfortable." VizSource helped to guide DeVincent through the process. "I really loved sharing my screen with the people at VizSource, for example. It kept us on the same page, and I felt at ease." VizSource helped DeVincent to tweak his drafts, allowing for a more complete final rendering. "Internal responses have been great. This is all new to us, so people are impressed by the realism." With limited resources, VizSource was able to create an impressive 3d rendering that served DeVincent's needs. "You made a realistic photo out of basically nothing. It was the perfect experience, and we've been very happy with everything. I imagine we'll be coming again in the near future."


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