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"With just my sketches, VizSource absolutely nailed it. The accuracy was incredible."

Stephen Goldberg is the President and Lead Designer of a custom high-end residential design company. As all his work is custom, Goldberg needs to ensure that his clients understand how their home will look. "In house, we only do 2D sketches", Goldberg said. "We needed to help the clients to visualize." Goldberg searched for a 3D rendering company that could deliver a "high-quality" rendering with a good turn-around time at a reasonable price. He decided to work with VizSource.

When he reached out, Goldberg had only basic sketches ready. It seemed unlikely that VizSource would be able to turn them into what Goldberg had pictured. Nonetheless, VizSource left him impressed. "Even with just my sketches, VizSource absolutely nailed it. The accuracy and understanding was incredible. It was really, really accurate." VizSource has long proven a talent for matching an architect's vision, and here was no exception.

The process went off without a hitch. The clients liked the renderings, which helped them decide on some final details. "They were able to visualize it. There were two different possible color schemes, and the rendering settled on which they would go with." The project has since proceeded, and Goldberg plans to continue working with VizSource. "We'll continue coming back whenever it's needed."


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