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"We referenced the rendering a great deal...My experience with VizSource is always a 10/10"

As the CEO of a small company, Jennifer Mackey has her hands full with tight deadlines and important projects. She was hired to help design a unique home with a multicultural influence. "The client wanted to use red cabinets to replicate a Chinese style kitchen," Mackey said. "There were both European and American elements in the design as well." Mackey understood that a visual presentation was especially necessary in this case, and she needed someone who could get the job done while she was tied up. "The main reason I went to VizSource was that I just didn't have the time to do it myself. I knew you would do the work in a cost-efficient manner."

As the specifics of the design were important, Mackey appreciated how closely her materials were replicated. "I loved how I could show them my concept sheets and they'd be implemented into the rendering. I really thought it the attention to detail was fabulous." This care in the design made the rendering look better, and closer to Mackey's vision. VizSource kept in close contact with Mackey, ensuring her approval of every step. "The staff was easy to communicate with, and it was always smooth. Even if you missed one thing, you'd make it right." There was no doubt that the visuals would match what Mackey envisioned as closely as possible.

The final rendering gave the project's morale a boost. "It looked nice, and so I felt confident. The client was excited as well." Mackey even used the render to perfect the final design. "We referenced the rendering a great deal, and it helped me to tweak the construction." Having such a detailed visual made it far easier to fix any imperfections. Mackey was extremely satisfied. "My experience with VizSource is always a 10/10." The building will soon be completed, and Mackey plans to send VizSource a professional photograph to show just how accurate the rendering was.


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