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"VizSource was excellent, and I would definitely recommend."

Few companies can rival VizSource for the quality provided in a short timeframe. David Grussgott, an architect, was hired for work on a new house. It soon became clear he needed to provide more than the normal blueprint. The client asked for a 3D rendering. "The client needed it to make a deadline for the homeowner's association," Grussgott said. Without a rendering provided quickly, the project would be unable to make it off the ground. "VizSource was the only company that could deliver in that timeframe."

Though VizSource was able to work with the deadline provided, this didn't mean that the rendering would lose out on quality. The visuals were accurate to the design, and yet also appealing. "The materials used look very realistic. The rendering gave the house a great look." The unique design was given a strong polish and foundation, bringing a new life into the project. Even with the deadline approaching, VizSource was still able to work cautiously and effectively. "There were no problems."

The Homeowner's Association gave the rendering, and the project, their approval. "They loved it." The process is continuing on schedule, something which might not have been possible with a lesser rendering or a wider timeframe. "We're currently going into construction drawings. VizSource was excellent, and I would definitely recommend."


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