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“VizSource was attentive, and the turn-around time was very quick”

3D Rendering of a Strip Mall

Pam Matter is an interior designer at a commercial construction company. In business since 1952, Pam’s company has seen more than most. The company was hired to build a house in a historic district, which needed approval from a board. “We needed to present the design to ensure that it would fit in the neighborhood,” Pam said. Pam’s company decided that a 3D rendering would be the best method.

The design was unique, as a strip mall made to look like independent buildings. Pam wanted a quick turn-around that would also present her ideas fluently. “VizSource was very attentive. The turnaround time was very quick.” Pam was happy with the unique angles that the rendering captured. The work was done on time. “I asked for one small change to be made, and it was corrected very quickly”.

The final 3d rendering looked as Pam had hoped. “The board well accepted the rendering, and we’ve been able to move forward.” Reflecting on the process, Pam noted just how easy VizSource was to work with. She said that the experience was overall excellent.


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