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"VizSource met everything I was looking for. It was excellent."

Jeff Barret is the head of his local Habitat for Humanity chapter, a charity that helps to build affordable housing. Barret is working on a massive project to create a community of energy-efficient, accessible, and environmentally friendly homes. "It's a big project," Barret said. "we needed a visual to attract donors, and to get approval from the city."

With such an ambitious project, Barret needed a company that could create an impressive 3d rendering quickly and efficiently. Barret worked with VizSource over the phone to guide the details. "The phone call took about 1/10th of the time. They understood what I was looking for and were able to discuss it." With Barret being able to freely express the specifics of his design, the final rendering came out as well as he hoped. "The final product was really good."

The project still needs to raise a significant sum, and it will likely be many years before it can be completed. For the meantime, the rendering has encouraged morale. "We're just in the beginning, but everyone who has seen the rendering loves it." Barret had high hopes, and VizSource gave him what he was looking for. "VizSource met everything I was looking for. It was excellent."


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