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"VizSource really helped me to close the deal, and I will be sure to use them again."

Jennifer Millspaugh is a designer at a salon manufacture and design company that was contracted by a high-end client. "They had great expectations, and so we wanted everything done perfectly," Millspaugh said. "We aimed to please." Visualization of the project was important to this client. "They wanted to see the space in a more visual form, more so than what they'd get from a floorplan." With this in mind, Millspaugh hoped for ease and efficiency. "We needed the rendering done accurately and quickly at a good price."

Concerned for deadlines, Millspaugh was relieved by how quickly VizSource worked. "It was important that we kept the client satisfied with our progress. The speed that the rendering was done was amazing and really made a difference." Citing the utility of being able to revise the initial draft, Millspaugh's company was pleased with the final rendering. "It was nice we could tweak the first revision. The render also helped the owner to know we were moving it the right direction, and helped us to make decisions moving forward."

The rendering went above and beyond Millspaugh's hopes. "The client loved the rendering. It blew them out of the water, and they were impressed with me for finding VizSource." The deal was finalized and the project proceeded smoothly. The salon has since completed construction. Millspaugh is certain that VizSource was crucial to her company's success. "VizSource is easy to work with, and the product is of good quality. They really helped me to close the deal, and I will be sure to use them again."


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