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"VizSource has helped a lot, and I see them as a partner."

Rabbi Bronstein is the Rabbi of the local Jewish Community Center. The Center has been through a number of expansions in recent years. "We're a growing organization," Bronstein said. "Our campus has had the opportunity to expand multiple times, and we've taken that to give more to the community." Completing expansions requires investors, an undertaking for which a 3D rendering can be a perfect tool. "A rendering gives us the opportunity to really show people what we're trying to accomplish. People don't get a chance to see our goals, otherwise."

Bronstein has returned to VizSource many times over the years. "The renderings have always come out good, and I've liked working with Paige and Michael. Michael is really nice, and Paige always knows how to give the customer what they want." Bronstein's experience with VizSource has only ever been positive. "The process guidelines are clear and you know where things are going to go. You get what you're promised." It's easy for Bronstein to perfect the rendering given the drafting process. "I always know what I see is a work in progress, but with a little tweaking, it comes out exactly as I hoped."

Time after time, Bronstein's campaigns have been successful. "We're on our third campaign, and we've been doing one every three years. This is our largest yet." The confidence gained by working with VizSource has allowed Bronstein to achieve more ambitious goals. "VizSource is a wonderful company. I've always enjoyed the team and product, and I look forward to continuing. VizSource has helped a lot, and I see them as a partner."


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