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"VizSource has been really easy to work with...We're anxious for the next project."

In the past, John Ponish has been reluctant to use 3D visuals for his architectural company. "When they look fake, it's worse than not having anything," Ponish said. However, he also acknowledges the challenges of using floorplans alone. "People don't visualize something 2D in 3D. They need 3D." Ponish wanted an American-based company that could work within his budget to create a realistic rendering. He was recommended VizSource by a contractor he had worked with. "He showed me some of what VizSource had done, and you guys sounded like the right fit." VizSource delivered without any problems. "The communication was good, and so we knew about any changes." VizSource is now Ponish's go-to rendering company. "We've used VizSource three or four times now. The customer sees the end product, and it's well received. For me, it's turned into an opportunity." Ponish is now confident that he'll be able to provide a beautiful rendering for his future clients. "VizSource has been really easy to work with, and is now my single-source. We're anxious for the next project."


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