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"VizSource did an excellent job. I'm very pleased. The rendering was spectacular."

Architectural Rendering of a Renovated Building

Most renderings are used to sell investors on a project. However, at times, a rendering may be used for the owner of a property to explore possibilities. Nick Tsimpragos is the owner of an aged building that he is hoping to renovate. "We hoped that if we put good money into it, we'd be able to attract a tenant. The rending was to see what a renovation could achieve." VizSource used their expertise to help guide Tsimpragos' vision. "There were a lot of good opinions and ideas that helped flesh things out." Tsimpragos saw what was in his head put to to the rendering. "VizSource brought perspective to our ideas and saw things through to the end. We changed the color scheme and added a white trim, and the rendering ended up above and beyond what I expected."

Tsimpragos used the rendering as the basis to begin construction, which is in progress. His work with VizSource gave him both the knowledge and the confidence he needed to make the first step. Tsimpragos was happy. "VizSource did an excellent job. I'm very pleased. The rendering was spectacular, and I'd use VizSource again."


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