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"The rendering brought the project to life, and really made clear how it was going to look."

Chase Bloom is the project manager at a commercial construction company. "We do steel and storage," Bloom said. "We wanted to advertise and market our new upcoming storage facility." Bloom was referred to VizSource directly by some of his customers. "We wanted a 3D rendering from a company that gave attention to detail and had a reasonable turn-around time."

The level of detail in the rendering was above expectation. Bloom was impressed by the way VizSource depicted the project. "The rendering brought the project to life, and really gave a clear idea of how the facility was going to look." VizSource's draft system made it easy for Bloom to implement feedback into the final rendering. "There were a few simple revisions I wanted, and the changes were made for the final version."

The construction is now complete. Clients liked the rendering, and Bloom did as well. "I was very satisfied with the experience." No doubt Bloom will return to VizSource for many such projects in the future.


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