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"The render captured the beauty of the house"

Mike Riordan is the owner of a small company that builds custom single-family homes. For years, he has built before selling. However, this practice has become increasingly risky. "Lumber prices have really risen dramatically lately," Riordan said. "I decided it would be better to use a rendering, so I can sell it before I build it."

Selling a house before construction requires an exceptional visual. "The look of the house is important. The customer needs to be able to imagine it accurately." Riordan found VizSource suited for that task. "VizSource did a great job on the colors and the details. I was very pleased. The render captured the beauty of the house." The process was professional and clean.

Riordan plans to list the project shortly. "Everyone I've shown the render to says it's really snappy. I'm confident it'll excite, and lure people in." Riordan is hoping to work with VizSource again shortly. "The price was reasonable, and it was a good package. I'd give it all my highest marks."


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