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"The final rendering was excellent, as they always are"

3D Rendering of a Large Commercial Building

Joel of Northwest Pennsylvania is a frequent VizSource customer. His architectural engineering firm has needed 3D renderings time and time again. VizSource recently worked on a major project for him. We looked for his thoughts on our performance. “The project required between 60 and 70 million dollars of upfront investment,” Joel said. “With that much money on the line, communication and accuracy is vital.”

Acting as the development liaison between the client and the firm, Joel’s job was to make sure his customers understood the project. “Clients always need to verify that the blueprints are correct. 3D renderings are very valuable for that, and so we utilize them.” Joel was working under tight deadlines, and needed simplistic explanations. “It’s never complicated to understand. VizSource is always able to easily communicate their vision. Speed is always the most important part, and VizSource’s fast turn-around time is incredible.” Even with the rapid work, the 3d rendering was effectively finished. “We never had to go back to the drawing board, or take advantage of the refund. The final rendering was excellent, as they always are.”

Joel’s clients were enamored by the 3d rendering. “The stone working and the landscape were realistic. The clients were extremely impressed, and so were we. They approved funding.” This was the thirteenth project that VizSource and Joel did together, and Joel was as satisfied as ever. “They’re always on time. VizSource is consistent, fast, and our go-to for 3d renderings.”


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