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"The feel was exactly what I was looking for."

Steve Ramsey is working to construct a food plaza on a property in Northern California. "It'll be a site where as many as thirty food trucks can sell their food," Ramsey said. "It'll be a nice destination." To be able to move forward with his vision, Ramsey required approval from the city. He decided to contract VizSource for a 3d rendering. "This was my first time using a rendering. The old school style was to just use the architect, but I wanted people to really get it."

The process was, in Ramsey's words, "simple". "We got some drone shots of the property, and with just two or three meetings, we were able to piece it all together." VizSource's work was professional. "Everything was on time. People did what they said they would. They coordinated it, we reviewed it, and I was very pleased."

The final rendering gave the impression Ramsey had hoped for. "I liked the colors and such. The feel was exactly what I was looking for. The city wanted a destination, and that's what we got." Two weeks ago, the city gave their approval to begin construction. "People are pumped about it. We get passerby stopping to check out the site. We can show the rendering, and it's all around been an excellent experience."


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