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“The CEO has the Rendering Framed in his Office”

Commercial Interior Rendering of an Orthodontics School

Jessie Kijowski was the marketing coordinator of a renovation company Mountain Star Capital. Although she has since moved on, her successor, Kelsey Knutson, spoke of the project Kijowski handled. “We were finishing a renovation job, and we wanted a 3D rendering to promote the project and celebrate,” Knutson said.

VizSource was chosen as the highest quality 3D rendering company for the lowest price. The visuals were important, as this 3D rendering would serve as the representation of the project. “We wanted to give it some nice visuals. The 3D rendering was accurate, and I was impressed by how quickly it was finished.”

The completed rendering was presented to MountainStar. The company loved the rendering, and the CEO asked for them to be framed. “He has them in his office now,” Knutson said.


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