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"The ability to take a photo, an idea, and create a 3d rendering was impressive"

3D Rendering of a Commercial Exterior

The old logging mill was once the center of the town. But now, it needed to be replaced. Jessica Hardin is the owner of an interior design company. Her client knew that the project would need a great deal of donations. “We had to market the project,” Hardin said. Hardin wanted a 3d rendering that was “high quality” but complete in time. Though these were her priorities, Hardin was also hopeful that she would be able to find a good connection. “I wanted a 3d rendering company that could collaborate with me in future projects as well.”

VizSource was always ready and available. “I could call anytime, and all of my questions would be answered.” VizSource walked Hardin through the process. “The ability to take a photo, an idea, and create a 3d rendering was impressive.” VizSource was quick and effective in integrating with Hardin’s team. Hardin’s only request was a change in the proportions of the rendering, which VizSource complied with.

Hardin’s clients gave her many compliments. “They loved the quality of the rendering. It worked wonderfully for marketing.” Hardin was also excited to report that contruction was underway. “We’ll be breaking ground until the end of summer. It’s great to see that it’s being built.” VizSource gave Hardin what she wanted and then some. “Friendly, easy to work with, organized, and collaborative. That’s VizSource.”


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