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"[My customers] seemed to like the 3d rendering. Personally, I can't complain about the price."

Realistic 3D Rendering of a Home Interior

Thomas Banner has been a real estate broker for long enough. In the real estate business, customers expect visuals. “We need to show our customers what a product will look like,” said Banner. “Even if the home isn’t complete, they still want to see it.”

Banner chose VizSource looking for “realistic renderings”, hoping that they would help his clients to best envision the project. “We sell multi-million real estate. Our customers need to get an accurate 3d rendering.” Indeed, Banner’s favorite part of the completed rendering was the life-like visuals.

Although Banner noted that he wished the process had been longer, he still felt that his customers were happy. “They seemed to like the 3d rendering. Personally, I can’t complain about the price.” Banner felt he had reached his goals, so he gave his 3d rendering experience a positive review.


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