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Mike Wild from eLog Cabins Explains Why His Company Always Uses VizSource

Rendering of a Log Cabin Exterior

eLog Homes is a log cabin construction company. They have been a regular VizSource customer for many years. VizSource and eLog have worked together to produce about ninety different 3d renderings. Mike Wild is a representative of eLog Homes. He gave his thoughts on why his company returns to VizSource for 3d renderings.

“VizSource is competent, straightforward, and easy to work with,” said Wild. VizSource has been able to handle the 3d rendering process smoothly and without outside management. “All of the 3d renderings have come out great. The turnaround has been consistently what we’ve agreed upon.” In addition to outstanding service, VizSource also offers a price that stacks up competitively to other 3d rendering companies.

Wild has been very impressed with the results of working with VizSource. “You’ve helped increase leads for our homes. I can tell that using VizSource’s 3d renderings has doubled our lead numbers.” Numbers like that are reason enough, but Wild has only positive feedback. “When you work with someone who understands your goals like VizSource does, it makes the 3d rendering process easy.”


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