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"Just keep doing what you're doing. In a word? VizSource is excellent."

3D Rendering of a Jewelry Store Interior

Bruce Russo is one of VizSource’s oldest clients. He has been contracting 3D renderings for over ten years. His company, a design-builder, constructs primarily custom restaurants. 3D renderings are an important part of his process. “We use renderings as a tool. In this business, they clear up any questions. People don’t understand plans in the same way.” Once his design for the project is complete, a 3D rendering is always his next step.

As the renderings are used to clarify plans, feedback is important. “The renderings are always great the first draft, but I still like how easy it is to fix any issues.” Once the plan is approved, Russo hands the rendering to advertisers. Russo believes that VizSource has the best quality of rendering and service. “It all works. You guys do an excellent job.”

In ten years, Russo reports he has never had a bad experience. His customers have always been happy. “People are always astonished. They see the reality of the design before it is even built.” Russo has no complaints about VizSource. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. In a word? VizSource is excellent.”


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