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J.M. of Erie, Pennsylvania Came To VizSource On A Tight Schedule

3D Rendering of a Retirement Home

An engineering design firm out of Erie, Pennsylvania was given a difficult task. Hired to help build a Retirement Home, they were faced with committing their clients to a high cost project. Without much time to spare, J.M. knew he would need an impressive visual to get the backing they needed. “People want to know what something of this scope and size will look like,” J.M. said. “Not everyone understands floor-plans.”

J.M. knew that only a 3d rendering could capture the “view and feel” of what he was trying to convey, but he needed it to be done quickly and professionally. “VizSource’s client base showed me they knew what they were doing. There were also some fantastic example 3d renderings.” With an impressive turn-around time, ability to handle large workloads, and a “knowledgeable” project manager, J.M. knew he could rely on VizSource. “People don’t have three weeks to wait for a 3d rendering. But even with such limited time, VizSource captured our overall goal. The landscaping, the stonework, the realistic people and plants, and the building exactly as we envisioned.”

The 3d rendering was exactly what it took to build excitement. With limited comments for changes, J.M.’s clients were left with a great piece of advertisement for their building. While construction on the Retirement Home moves forward, J.M. has made VizSource his go-to. “We’ve done over fifteen renderings together. VizSource is excellent.”


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