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"It looked exactly how I imagined and expected it to."

When working without much time to spare, the ideal rendering is one that can be completed quickly, yet still look appealing. Sarah Stogner is the office manager of an architecture company. She was hoping to entice public interest in her new project. "It's an open house, so we wanted to get people's attention," Stogner said. Stogner went to VizSource hoping she could get an attractive rendering done on a tight deadline.

The project coordinators at VizSource kept Stogner informed and involved in the process. "There were a lot of emails sent back and fourth. I was kept in touch, which was impressive. I was able to clarify and give feedback." This being the case, it's unsurprising that the rendering came out exactly as Stogner had hoped. "There weren't any issues. It looked exactly how I imagined and expected it to."

The rendering has been well liked by those who have seen it. The project is still ongoing, but the rendering was able to add a new appeal and dimension. "It gave the design a great visual to go along." Thankfully, that great visual didn't require much extra effort. "It was easy, which gave me less to worry about."


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