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"I love the architecture, the lights, the windows. It all looks amazing."

As a strategic initiative officer for city government, Nicolette Ricciutti is a different kind of VizSource client. Ricciutti is using 3d renderings to entice developers. "We're trying to be more proactive and recruit developers," Ricciutti said. "Investment takes a lot of time and money. It can be difficult to convince a property owner to wait for the better stuff as opposed to selling quickly. A picture is worth a thousand words." A 3d rendering goes a long way towards generating the patience and investment needed to make bigger projects a reality.

Initially, Ricciutti reached out to local architects for rendering projects. "The quality from the local people just wasn't as good. It looked too blocky. We also weren't the priority, so it would take a while." Ricciutti wanted a rendering company that could provide a quality rendering in a shorter time frame. "We're trying to sell these ideas to boards, commissions, and developers. It has to look visually appealing." Thus, VizSource was able to bring both the time and the quality that Ricciutti had hoped for. "Often times I don't have much but some rough concepts, and Vanessa has been able to develop all the little details. I love the architecture, the lights, the windows. It all looks amazing."

Projects like these can often take a decade to complete, and holding commitments is vital. "People have been very receptive and very excited by the renderings. We've brought a lot of people to the table and generated a lot of interest. Some of the property owners see the vision also, and that investment is important." Ricciutti plans to continue using VizSource to help make her visions for the town a reality. "VizSource is great, and it's become my go-to. Good cost, good turn-around time, responsive, and good quality."


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