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"I knew I would reach my goals by hiring you to do this project."

3D Rendering of a Historic Remodel Edition House

Michael Gallagher was working on the construction of a “historic remodel edition” house. When he chose to get a 3d rendering, he did so to market the project. “It was a for sale project,” said Gallagher. “The owner and developer wanted the 3d rendering for marketing, so we could find a buyer.”

Entrusting his 3d rendering to VizSource, Gallagher was confident in his choice. “I wanted good quality, people who are easy to work with and a reasonable price. I’ve worked with other 3d rendering companies in the past, and I knew I would reach my goals by hiring VizSource.”

Gallagher was optimistic for the end result. “The 3d rendering visualized the project very well, and it does a good job of presenting the project. They are currently marketing the house, though it is still under construction.” Like others before him, Gallagher said that his experience with VizSource was “great!”


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