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"I'd certainly recommend VizSource to anyone in our circumstances."

Architectural Rendering of a City Hall

Randy Kugler's town was in need of a new city hall. Rather than creating a building from scratch, it was suggested that an older building be reused instead. "The citizens felt like it would be quicker and more cost-effective to get an existing building up to date," Kugler said. The town included a former 1940's era private elementary school that seemed to lend itself to the conversion. Not everyone was convinced, though. "It was a rather unsightly building. We needed to put a fresh perspective, to convince people the conversion was possible. We had to present a compelling visual argument to help translate our ideas to people who couldn't imagine it." Feeling that hiring an architect would be too costly and too extreme, Kugler decided to purchase a 3d rendering. "We really just needed the visual, so we thought a 3d rendering would be the best way to go."This would be Kugler's first time hiring a 3d rendering company, and he was hesitant to ensure the job was done correctly. "I looked at the samples on VizSource's website, and I could picture you doing it well based on those." As Kugler had hoped, VizSource took an intimidating process and made it simple and easy to understand. "I was very impressed by how easy it was. VizSource was professional and timely. Everything went by smoothly, and there were no glitches. The process and the product met all my expectations." Kugler felt the 3d rendering served its purpose. "I've successfully convinced anyone open to the idea." The process is ongoing, and no final decisions have been made, but Kugler is optimistic. "We're making the right progress." Nonetheless, Kugler was completely satisfied with VizSource. "I'd certainly recommend VizSource to anyone in our circumstances. The process and product exceeded my expectations."


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