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"I'd absolutely recommend VizSource. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give them a ten"

3D Rendering of a University Finance Trading Lab

Colleges and Universities must sometimes rely on private donations in order to fund their projects. That’s where Gerd Althofer comes in. He is a practitioner in a company (University Finance Labs) that designs financial trading labs for colleges and universities. To help market the project, he comes to VizSource. “We need 3d renderings as a function of funding,” Althofer said. “The colleges believe a rendering will be helpful in opening up the purse strings.”

Realism is the most important aspect of the 3d rendering. “The 3d rendering should speak for itself. If the 3d rendering is convincing, so is the product. That was why I chose VizSource. When I first researched companies, your 3d renderings were very convincing” Naturally, Althofer needs a company who can follow precise directions. “There needs to be an understanding of what is important. When I commission a 3d rendering, I give specific instructions as to what is important and what is less so.” According to Althofer, the VizSource team has been exceptional to work with. “Both project managers I’ve worked with have been impressive. They understood what was necessary.”

Althofer reports that the vast majority of his projects have been extremely successful. “There have been no disappointments. Clients typically like the 3d rendering.” Althofer is extremely satisfied with VizSource’s service. “I’d absolutely recommend VizSource. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give them a ten. I’ve not had any complaints.”


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