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Floriana Lo Sapio of Silo Properties Praises VizSource's 3D Rendering Team

3D Rendering of a Housing Complex

Perhaps the most common usage for VizSource’s 3d renderings is to best display a project. That’s exactly what Floriana Lo Sapio came to VizSource for. She is the President of the development company Silo Properties, and she is looking to build an eight-unit housing complex. “We wanted a good idea of how it would look, and we couldn’t figure out from the plans,” Lo Sapio explained. Her company needs permission from the city of San Diego to build the complex.

Lo Sapio said that she got exactly what she was looking for in VizSource. “I wanted people who would work with me, and people who were knowledgeable about 3d renderings. VizSource gave me just that.” Lo Sapio also noted that VizSource did well in delivering her rendering in a timely manner. “It was a very speedy process.” However, her favorite part of the 3d rendering process was working with the VizSource team. “They were all very nice, and they helped give me some good ideas. One of them took the time to email me and help me pick a color for the 3d rendering. I loved working with them.”

Lo Sapio is currently still waiting for her plans to be approved by the city. However, she states that VizSource did “everything” she was asking for. She states that she would “absolutely” refer VizSource to a friend needing a 3d rendering. Overall, Lo Sapio says that her experience was “very nice.” “It was great to get that first phone call from the owner. So was working with Beth from there on out. It was very nice.”


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