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"Everything was cut and dry. It was respectful of our time and budget."

Micheal Stevens, owner of MCS Architect, has been designing construction projects for 44 years. He was hired by a national company to work on renovations for a congregation. "There were multiple committees all voicing different opinions and naturally careful with their donated funds." Already looking to promote the project, Stevens believed a 3D rendering would help to win support for the design plan. "I hoped a 3D rendering would put a stake in the ground and show clearly where we were starting."

Over the years, Stevens had used multiple different rendering companies. As his preferred contact had recently changed careers, Stevens was on the look for a new partner. "I needed ease of communication at a fair cost. A friend of mine in the business referred me to VizSource." The process was straightforward. "Everything was cut and dry. It was respectful of our time and budget." The rendering served its purpose well. "The committees were thrilled, and my contractor was very impressed."

With the positive reception, the project passed the roadblock and is moving forward. "I'm hopeful we'll get the sign-off to continue the project shortly." Having tried multiple rendering companies in the past, Stevens was proud to have found VizSource. "I like to get the best people I can find, and I'm happy to have VizSource in the box whenever I or anyone I know needs a 3D rendering." In Stevens' view, respectful communication is the golden rule for growing a business. "If you do what you say and say what you do, you'll have repeat customers. A lot of people don't. VizSource does."


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