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"All projects have been successful in finding investment"

3D Rendering of a Spanish Style Home

In today’s housing market, being able to show investors your vision for the finalized project using 3D renderings is essential. Gynergy Inc., a San Diego based Design-Build firm, is well aware of the impact that 3d renderings have on perspective investors, and has used VizSource’s 3D renderings to attract investors to five of their housing projects. “Most people can’t picture the house on their own,” said Gynergy President Virgil Opfer. “Being able to give them completed 3D renderings is like being able to give them a photograph.”

Gynergy was pleased with VizSource’s efficiency and the attention to detail in their 3D renderings. “I was impressed by the shadow and light ability…I think it would be interesting to see how your team works to create them”. Equally impressive was the dedication to ensure that the 3D renderings matched their vision as closely as possible. “They would always call me to make sure they were doing things right and we would discuss to make sure the specifics were correct…Once, we were actually able to see through the draft that we had overdone the left side of the house and make corrections to the design plans.”

In just a few days, Gynergy’s 3D renderings were completed and ready to be presented. All projects have been successful in finding investment, and VizSource’s 3D renderings have greatly assisted. “I was looking for a company that could give high quality, good color, and most importantly, design what I wanted to see. I think I’ve found that [in VizSource].”


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