Project Spotlight

Ben Murphy is the property manager for a commercial real estate business. Noticing that one of their properties had a large parking lot, Ben wanted to find a use for it. “We decided to explore the option of putting another business on the property. It was older, and there was a lot of newer locations nearby.” Murphy hoped he could expand his operations there.

With the decision to target Starbucks as a leasing customer, Murphy found that he needed a 3D rendering. “Starbucks has specific requirements. They want you to put a visual to it.” Needing the project done on a tight time-frame, Murphy was referred to VizSource. “Luckily, the process was easy and the employees were communicative.”

The expansion was built, though Starbucks ultimately declined interest. “They said it wasn’t on the right side of the highway for them.” Nonetheless, Murphy stood by the 3D rendering. “It was very professional and well done. The owners were impressed.”