Project Spotlight

Custom Homes are an expensive investment. Jody Bodnar is the Project Manager at Capstone, a Custom Home Builder. Her company is launching a marketing campaign to exemplify their model plans. Bodnar sought a 3D rendering to create the best visual impression. She approached VizSource for the job. “I wanted a quick-turnaround and someone safe to work with,” Bodnar said of her decision.

The home in question is a West Coast Contemporary style. The 3D rendering was perfected to best show the house’s beauty, with detail put on the exterior vegetation as well. “They did a pretty good job with the rendering. I liked the trees and the realistic setting the house was in.” The 3D rendering’s colors came together in an appealing way, and clients felt the same. “So far, everyone is impressed and attracted to the design.”

While adjustments were needed, Bodnar was happy with the final rendering. “The project is moving forward, and we’ve hired a marketing manager. The rendering is working nicely and the project is going well.” Overall, Bodnar says that VizSource is “better than average.”