Paula Tomisaki works for an architectural company that specializes in designing houses. Her company was hired to build a gorgeous and luxurious home, and she wanted to ensure her vision was projected. “We had to present it to a board for review,” Tomisaki noted. The success of this presentation was vital.

Quality was naturally the priority for her 3d rendering, but Tomisaki needed to make deadlines as well. Luckily, VizSource was able to deliver on both. “I was very particular on how I wanted the rendering done, and I was happy with the customization. I was able to pick the specifics of the sky, the bushes, and everything else to give the rendering a unique style.” Even with this flexiblity, VizSource was communicative and timely. “The turnaround time was clear from the start, and that helped things a lot.”

The rendering made the presentation more accessible to the Board. “Not all of them were experienced with architecture. Some were lawyers, for example. The rendering helped me to communicate to them, and I was happy for that.” The Board and Tomisaki’s clients were enthused with the rendering, and the project was able to move forward. “I’ll keep using VizSource for residential in the future, whenever the client should need a rendering.”