Project Spotlight

Craig Ciaglia is the co-owner of the custom home builder. His company, Homes by Pinnacle, reached out to find a 3d rendering company for marketing purposes. 3d renderings are needed to stay ahead. They entice customers to a developing project. Ciaglia appreciated the realism of the 3d rendering. “It’s valuable to be able to see the end product before you even build anything,” said Ciaglia.

Few would be able to pay more for realism, and VizSource brings the best of both worlds. “The 3d rendering is a good quality product, and the price is affordable as well.” Ciaglia noted that the end product was impressive. As normal, the project went off without a hitch. “We didn’t have very many problems at all.”

Customer satisfaction is important. Ciaglia’s clients enjoyed the realistic 3d rendering. “They responded very well. They certainly liked it.” Naturally, Ciaglia was enthused. Our company gave him everything he was looking for. “The experience was good, and I’d recommend it.”