Project Spotlight

As an architect at a design build firm, Leigh Jaffe needed to present his company’s project well. “I wanted a 3d rendering as a selling point for clients,” Jaffe said. Jaffe hoped that VizSource would be able to show off the unique style of the house. In addition, Jaffe was looking for “quick, reliable” service.

VizSource brought a touch of adjustment to Jaffe’s project. “I was able to see various aspects, and we adjusted how we were constructing the house accordingly.” The project was smooth. “There really weren’t any issues or complaints.” Soon, the 3d rendering was complete, and Jaffe noted that his favorite part of the experience was seeing how the final copy looked. “The realism was impressive.”

Upon seeing the 3d rendering, clients have been able to better grasp the design of the house. Jaffe’s company is still in the process of looking for an owner for the house, but he is optimistic that he will be successful. “I was very happy with the 3d rendering. Working with VizSource was pleasant.”