Project Spotlight

Andrew Jensen’s team was working on a unique housing design. “It’s a modern home in a more traditional neighborhood”, Jensen said. His team wanted to be able to showcase the house. “We hoped that we would be able to represent what we were about to build to those who might be interested.”

Jensen found VizSource’s 3d renderings to be the most realistic. “When it came to other 3d rendering companies, you could tell their 3d renderings were computer generated. But for VizSource, it looks like it could be a photo.” Jensen added that he wanted a quick turnaround, and VizSource was able to deliver. “VizSource worked closely and accurately with us, so it only took about a week or two for the final 3d rendering to be completed.”

Not only did the final 3d rendering represent the house well, but it also helped the team to complete construction. “It’s always difficult to keep people on the same page without a visual. We threw all sorts of ideas at you guys for the 3d rendering and you worked with all of them. 3d renderings are helpful for any prospective builders.” Jensen stated that he was happy with his 3d rendering. “I got what I wanted, and I don’t have any complaints. It was a positive experience.”