Project Spotlight

Paula Williams had a new construction project to complete. She wanted a visual representation of her project, so she decided to use VizSource for a 3d rendering. She hoped that VizSource would give her helpful and attentive customer service as they worked to finalize her 3d rendering.

Williams was not disappointed. “VizSource had great response throughout the 3d rendering process,” Willams said. “The process was easy. There was a template of questions that helped to facilitate precision on the final 3d rendering.” She believes that VizSource’s work was impressive as well, stating “I don’t think I made a single change from the first sample. The 3d rendering was just that good to start off with.”

Starting out with only the minimum, Williams was given a working visual through VizSource’s 3d rendering. “It was a monumental improvement. Upon completion of the 3d rendering we were able to prepare the home with the visuals.” Williams was able to sell the property, and she attests that she’ll use VizSource again in the future. “It was an excellent experience. The 3d rendering result was quality, as was the product and customer service.”