Project Spotlight

Although 3d renderings can help for promotional materials, some people use them for other purposes as well. Michael Dancy was part of a construction team building a house in Austria. “I wanted to be able to visualize the geometry of what we were doing to help us finish construction,” Dancy said. Dancy decided that a 3d rendering would be able to help them understand their plans. “I ¬†went out to find a 3d rendering company of good price and quality.”

Dancy found VizSource, who were able to greatly ease the chaos and confusion of the process on him. “Visualizing three-dimensional surfaces isn’t easy. I found it very helpful to condense the design concept into a defined 3d rendering. When you’re working with so many ideas, you have to resolve all issues into a single definition with the 3d rendering. Right or wrong, you have to choose.” Dancy voiced special satisfaction with the VizSource project manager. “She was very helpful in resolving various ideas in forming the 3d rendering.”

With the help of his 3d rendering, Dancy was able to finish construction on the house. He was happy to report that he had already sold the house, as well. Dancy described his experience with VizSource as “very helpful”.