Project Spotlight

When Adnan Mahmood needed to see his unfinished construction plan, he decided to use a 3d rendering. He wanted  to help the construction team to visualize the finalized product. “It can be hard to show people what you’re trying to do. Using a 3d rendering helps for selling the house, and we could make changes before it’s even finished,” Mahmood said. “A 3d design makes it easy to understand for the people doing landscaping and construction.”

Mahmood came to VizSource for his 3d rendering, searching for a company that could “show him the design in a way more detailed than 2d”. Mahmood was satisfied with his 3d rendering, and found that VizSource listened to his requests. “It was a pretty good 3d rendering, everyone liked it a lot. It was done in a very professional way. I had wanted more views, but for this next upcoming project, they’re going to let me do two different views so I can make a decision which I want to keep as the final.”

Although he has been unable to sell the house as of yet, Mahmood still feels that VizSource’s work met his expectations. “This project was tough. The 3d rendering was done so nicely, but we’ve only gotten inquiries so far. Still, I’m happy with the design. It looks good.” Overall, Mahmood found that his 3d rendering was “professional” and that he got what he had wanted.