Project Spotlight

• What did you use the rendering for?
I am creating a marketing program called “Space Planning Program; A DIY Alternative”. Your rendering will be part of the features of my top tier in pricing.

• Do you do in-house renderings?
Yes, but I use SketchUp and I find that the results are “crude” at best without using plug ins. I don’t have the time to do that.

• Why did you choose to VizSource instead of in house or another vendor?
I liked the friendly, easy feeling I got when I first called your company. Your work is amazing.

• How would you rate the quality (1-10) compared to in-house/other vendors you have used?
No others to compare to but I am 100% satisfied with the quality.

• About how many renderings would you do in a typical year?
I use SketchUp to model my plans in order to check my scale for a room. I will probably use your service 5-10 times per year.

• What was the feedback you received on the rendering?
So far, everyone was amazed that it was not a photo.

• How would you rate our customer service/price (1-10)?

• What was your time frame to get the project completed?
Two weeks.

• Was the product delivered on-time (per our estimate)?

• What would you change about the process, product etc..?
I think you should insist on dimensions of the furnishings. This was something I realized you needed after the first draft. It slowed us down a little.

• Would you recommend VizSource?
I already have!

• Will you use VizSource again?