Project Spotlight

David Wilde of Bloc 3 Design wanted to help the owner of an apartment complex raise money for his project. “It was for marketing purposes.” The complex was quite unique, as it handles housing just for veterans. Like many before him, Wilde needed to present his vision to consumers without the final project. So, he decided to use a 3d rendering company.

Wilde needed a 3d rendering company that could get a good job done as quickly and cheaply as possible. “I was looking for a quality 3d rendering product at a fair price, with a reasonable delivery time.” For these 3d rendering needs, he turned to VizSource, a company that would not soon disappoint. Wilde was quite satisfied with the 3d rendering work done by VizSource. “For the price, the 3d rendering quality was great, and the time exceeded our expectations.”

While the project itself was put on hold, Wilde was still happy with the 3d rendering work of VizSource. “The 3d rendering captured the project vision, giving us the ability to present the final product before it was completed.” In the end, Wilde’s final opinion was that his experience with Vizsource was “wonderful”.