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"Your 3d renderings are a hell of a value for the money."

Architectural Rendering of a Tiki Bar

Mark Coon of the Lifestyle Building Group was requested by a client to find a 3d rendering to give visuals to his demonstration of a project. He wanted a Tiki Bar built adjacent to an expensive artificial lake and resort swimming pool. “They had a large group to show and demonstrate their vision of the project to”, Coon said. “People have a hard time visualizing the final product to based off just a plan, so the 3d rendering was a selling tool.”

Coon came to VizSource, because he found that they had everything he wanted in a 3d rendering company. Coon found that VizSource’s 3d rendering quality greatly added to his project. “VizSource gave us the realization of what the final product would actually look like. The 3d rendering’s colors, the finishes, the textures, they all looked realistic and unlike a 3d rendering.” Coon was pleasantly surprised by VizSource’s efficiency and attention to detail in their 3d renderings. “The promptness and the attention to detail, working from the information given to put to together a 3d rendering quickly and accurately on the first go around was impressive.”

As Coon presented VizSource’s 3d rendering, he found that his client was satisfied and that he was able to accomplish the project goal “so far.” As impressed as Coon was by VizSource’s quality and efficiency, he particularly totes the value of his 3d rendering deal. “We’ve found 3d renderings that cost a heck of a lot more, with not much of a difference in the finished product. Your 3d renderings are a hell of a value for the money.” Coon, like so many before him, was extremely satisfied with VizSource’s 3d renderings. “The experience was great! The 3d rendering really is incredible.”


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