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"When I saw the 3d rendering, I was surprised to see just how well it matched my ideas!"

3D Rendering of a Hyundai Dealership

Gary de Wolfe was given a new challenge. His architectural company was constructing a renovation for a Hyundai dealership. He had to take designs for four separate buildings and bring them together as one. De Wolfe knew who he would choose to communicate his vision for the project. “We were once given a project in which the town required a 3d rendering,” de Wolfe said. “That’s what brought us to VizSource for the first time, and we’ve used their 3d renderings over and over since.”

In the past, de Wolfe had always been happy with VizSource’s range of abilities. “No matter the building type, the 3d rendering has always been great. The colors and textures accurate, a it’s been a great tool to sell to not only clients but for them to sell to their clients as well.” 3d renderings gave de Wolfe what he needed for approval. “It lets me show the future result to the client, the town, and the planners what is to be asked. They can see the colors, textures, and the aesthetic.”

As an experienced architect, de Wolfe often has a very specific concept that he wants to portray. “When I saw the 3d rendering, I was surprised to see just how well it matched my ideas! It was refreshing to know I was on the right track.” Others liked the 3d rendering as well. “The client was blown away. The corporate HQ of Hyundai USA was also impressed.” This project was just one more success for de Wolfe. “I can’t recommend VizSource enough. People are always asking me who made the renderings, they’re always so impressed. I’m sure I’ll use VizSource for the rest of my career.”


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