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"We've gotten a lot of traction on the website from the 3d rendering"

3D Rendering of a Small Home

Majestik Homes wanted to try a fresh design for their latest construction project. Andrew Jansen wanted to attract interest in the concept. “This house was a modern design,” said Jensen. “It has clean lines, and a different style. We wanted to use 3d rendering to help us visualize better. We wanted to show the house before it was built,” Jansen said. “A 3d rendering would help marketing get a better idea of how the house was going to appear, and we wouldn’t have to build it without knowing what it would look like.”

Jensen didn’t begin his search with much expectation. “I just wanted a 3d rendering that could visualize the house better than what we could do on paper.” However, he eventually decided that only VizSource could best utilize and perfect the 3d rendering process to effectively bring his vision to life. “VizSource has great prices compared to their 3d rendering competition, and a good turnaround time.” Jensen was quite pleased with VizSource’s work. “VizSource gave us the insight and confidence we needed for the project. They gave us visuals inconceivable without their 3d renderings.”

Once the 3d rendering was completed, Jensen was surprised and satisfied with the results, and the attention brought to his project. “We’re confident about the project. We’ve gotten a lot of traction on the website from the 3d rendering. People are interested in our project.” Although the building is not yet completed, the positive reception has left Jensen certain that his project will continue to be successful. He gives credit to VizSource for their fantastic productivity. “VizSource had an efficient and organized process. They made it easy to get everything done.”


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