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"We're happy with the results and process, and we can't ask for more."

Nathan Currin had a unique business idea. He and a partner had a plan to open a mobile cigar lounge and coffee bar, that they would operate out of a vintage style trailer. With such a innovative concept, Currin wanted a 3D rendering to show his vision. "We wanted to show investors and the public how the business would work and function. We planned to put some images on social media."

Having been left unsatisfied with renderings from other companies in the past, Currin decided that VizSource would be his best bet. "I had used another designer before, and the low quality made it feel like a waste of time. VizSource cost a little more money, but we were certain we could be proud of it." Currin wanted to see the particular details of his idea represented accurately. "The last company's renderings were hastily done and lacking in detail. It looked very haphazard." VizSource was far more meticulous, and responded to Currin's suggestions. "With VizSource, everything was neat and polished. We wanted little changes made, and VizSource was able to do that." The rendering was posted to social media, where it has garnered a great deal of praise and attention. "Our potential clients think it's fantastic and they love it. We've got tons of comments on Instagram. The professional quality really stands out." Currin's experience changed his opinion on renderings. "We were really pleased. If we ever need another render, we'll reach back out. We're happy with the results and process, and we can't ask for more."


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