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"We probably wouldn't have gotten the job [without VizSource]."

Rendering of a Country Club Interior

Brian Hart of construction company JJ White Inc. needed to sell his clients on their design for a Country Club. Like many in a similar position, he wanted to give his potential clients a 3d rendering. “It was a design build project, which was unusual for us as a construction company. We hoped the 3d rendering would help people visualize it,” Hart said. The company came to VizSource, hoping for the best 3d rendering process.

Hart wanted a 3d rendering company that was “cost effective, quick, and easy to work with.” As one of the best 3d rendering companies around, VizSource met that criteria. Hart was also happy to discover the amount of control he had over the final design of the 3d rendering. “It was a good process. You let me use the samples I wanted and I was able to mark up the draft and give suggestions before you made the final 3d rendering. Basically, you did what I asked in a timely manner.”

Of course, the most important part of their process was the presentation of the 3d rendering to the client. As expected, it went very well for JJ White Inc. “It worked, we presented it to the board of directors and members of the country club and they liked it. We sold the project.” Hart believes the 3d rendering was essential to the success of his sale.

“We probably wouldn’t have gotten the job without VizSource.”


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