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"We’ll be using VizSource for all our rendering needs from now on."

3D Rendering of a Large Living Room

In the world of interior design, getting the artistic vision of the designer to the client can be challenging. Nawir Fusion, an L.A based design group, landed a recent project and utilized 3D renderings. “We’ve been designing before 3D renders were an option and now it is an invaluable tool to convey our vision to our clients” Nawir CEO stated. Nawir group’s client, who occupies a large home in an affluent part of Los Angeles, was looking for Nawir Fusion to design with ecliptic luxury in mind. Elegant tapestries to drape the wall and decadent chandeliers dangling from the vaulted ceilings. To capture the pure extravagance Nawir was imagining, the group turned to VizSource for their rendering needs.

The design firm has used three previous rendering companies but “wasn’t happy” with any of their work. Unrivaled in the field, VizSource takes a personal approach to all their renderings. Nawir Fusion was amazed by the turn around time and immaculate attention to detail. Not to mention the professionalism of the VizSource staff. “I can count on a delivery date, I can count on a project manager” these are the testimonies VizSource strives for.

There are still a few more rooms to decorate, and the firm was extremely pleased with the outcome of the living room renderings. The interior design group stated “we’ll be using VizSource for all our rendering needs from now on.” And VizSource couldn’t be happier to help.

“The fact that the design decision making is going smoothly is a testimony of the quality of the render” Nawir Fusion’s head of operations expressed pleasantly. The invaluable tool that 3D renderings have become, in all aspects of design, is apparent in this living room rendering.


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