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"We have sold at least two homes already, enticed into a purchase by your 3d rendering"

3D Rendering used for advertising a House

Sam Jelmby of Helmet House Construction needed a 3d rendering to display his vision for his soon to be constructed line of houses. He wanted any and all potential buyers to see what he hoped to construct.”The 3d rendering was for advertising purposes. We wanted to place an ad in a magazine so we could hopefully sell the house before it was built.” Jelmby hoped that a 3d rendering would be able to show how unique the homes themselves were. “These homes have the energy efficiency of high end luxury houses but are much smaller.”

To Jelmby, nothing past the perfect 3d rendering could ever hope to accurately communicate his ideas. “Many people who aren’t in the trade can’t visualize the finalized product with a 2D drawing. These 3D renderings give more perspective of what the home actually look like.” For this vision to succeed, Jelmby needed a 3d rendering that could match reality as closely as possible. Naturally, he researched 3d renderings as much as possible, and would eventually come to VizSource. “We wanted primarily quality. We wanted renderings so realistic that people would have to look twice to tell if they were photographs or not. I did a quite a lot of research to find the best company, but I think I found what I was looking for in VizSource.”

VizSource’s work was without doubt successful in attracting customers. “Yes, we’ve absolutely succeeded. In fact, we have sold at least two homes already, enticed into a purchase by your 3d rendering. My expectations in a 3d rendering company have been absolutely exceeded.” Such fantastic results are easily attributable to VizSource’s high quality 3d rendering product. “The bottom line is the realism in your 3d renderings. I was truly impressed. My 3d rendering experience with VizSource was a very good one.”


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