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"We had no problems. VizSource is easy to work with and well priced."

Rendering of a Hilton Hotel Waiting Room

Jessica Fichtner is the co-owner of a company that designs hospitality projects. Her and her business partner Joanna were hired to design the interior of a hotel waiting room. “Hilton wanted a design done for their new hotel. It’s based in the Little Italy section of San Diego.” As Hilton requested a 3D rendering for their website, Fichtner decided to contract VizSource for the job. “VizSource is a local company. We like to support San Diego, but we also wanted someone who can do a quick, solid job.”

VizSource brought Fichtner’s vision to life, rendering the pool, lobby, and six other parts of the hotel. “The work was done quickly and the quality is as good as always.” The 3D renderings helped Fichtner to review and correct her design. But overall, she was extremely pleased with them. “I loved the design we did, and the 3D rendering just looked really good. I personally would like to stay there. We’re very proud.”

Hitlon was very happy with the 3D renderings, and the construction is proceeding as planned. She gave VizSource a great recommendation. “We had no problems. VizSource is easy to work with and well priced.”


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